abstract collage
Making abstract art for me, is to step into the unknown and explore, to allow things to happen, spontaneously, through accident or on purpose, but ultimately I need to decide where to stop, through practice, stop signals become easier to recognise, like an archer aiming an arrow.

Working method:
I like to draw and paint, abstract and from nature, to cut painted canvas and paper into simple shapes, recompose on canvas or a wall, add more marks, if I feel there is more needed, I like to follow my feeling and use the experience gained from making, to predict the outcome, but also take a new chance, to accept destruction, for the possibility of beauty, new insight or a continuity to the next layer of a work. After each layer of change and mark making I leave a work for some time, observe it, until I get a sense of what to do next or a sense that it is done.

I feel calm and mindful when making art, I work in a free and exploratory way, I hope I can somehow share my feelings and experience to those who view my works.

I have for some time been drawn to Alexander Calder's mobiles, simple shapes, the shadows and movement, creating a sense of calm and peacefulness, I have a similar feeling towards sailing boats, which are also made for wind, and a continued interest in themselves and looping back to my art.