Life changing!

Ten days of the challenge of fasting combined with meditation, and having just previously read a book by Joseph Campbell, called “Power of Myth”, combined these things have allowed me to narrow down what I really want to be doing in my life, art!

Art has always been something I’ve done as a hobby, and as part of my digital work, but I have never seen it as the main focus of my work, mainly because of how I perceived success and the need to earn money, art feels risky, unknown.

Power of Myth made me think about being controlled by society, ie what i described above, worried about money and success, based on the general view of what these are or follow my own, what is my own success for myself only.

Thankfully my full-time teaching job will finish next Tuesday, so my focus will now be on art, and for me this includes photography, I will be blogging and sharing my work as I progress, am aiming to fully explore and develop my ability and find my artistic voice, of course this takes time, but I feel I may be well on the way.

I love Impressionism, I love decay, nature and broken light, I’m not a perfectionist, I love to imagine and want to evoke other people’s imaginations, so that’s my current direction, let’s see what happens, I’m excited, but it’s the start and it will be difficult and wonderful!