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  1. Sabiscuit says:

    It’s smashing, wonderful and fabulous. What size paper or board did you use for these? And did you make the rollers yourself? Is this washi ink? x SB

    1. Thanks very much Sabiscuit! I’m glad you like, the paper is a3, the roller is rubber about 5 inches, the type used to put ink onto woodblock cuts, standard type available in art shops

      1. Sabiscuit says:

        Thank you. I wish my art shop were standard. I’ll have a look anyway.

    2. The ink is Windsor and Newton, water resistant

      1. Sabiscuit says:

        Thanks for this, Sam. Much appreciated.

      2. My pleasure, looking forward to seeing your roller and ink works soon.

  2. mkamodell says:

    i love it!

    1. Thanks mkamodell very happy you like

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