Swatt Art Weekly 4

After an interesting weekend, time to crack on with some painting.

Firstly, dragons in progress, doing these I realised that I really need to brush up on my brush skills, understanding of shadows, light and anatomy, and basically do more planning and research before putting brush to canvas, for these types of subjects anyway and at this stage of my painting learning.

Onto the still life studies, I have avoided these as felt that copying stuff was boring, but the more I do it the more enjoyable and interesting it is becoming, and of course is essential if I want to effectively represent abstract and imagined images on canvas, and choosing interesting subjects to paint makes all the difference.

About a third of the way through this one, after this and some improvements to the dragons am planning to paint outside the window, a squared off space area above a corrugated roof, with a few balconies and peeling paint and even a surfboard, so should be interesting.

I have been focusing on pencil drawn portraits again, though not showing any in this update, I’ll wait until I start painting a few, in a few weeks I think.

Daily meditation does really help with motivation and perseverance, developing a mindset that pushes me forward with self directed learning. Often difficult when you have no deadlines, timescales, nagging lectures and course mates to compete with, but ultimately this type of learning is more sustainable and lifelong so suits me fine.

I have 8 months on my visa in Vietnam, so that is my current time frame, to learn and make as much work as possible, then reassess where I am and what I need to be doing art wise and income wise, let’s see what happens.

Thanks for your interest in my journey

Sam Watterson

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