Swatt Art Weekly 6

Hello from Bangkok, I have decided to find creative inspiration here in Thailand for a few weeks, there could be more elephants!

Two apologies, firstly I’m a bit behind with this week’s update, should have been out yesterday, and last week I was informed my images were too big, so this week I’ve made sure they are set to medium size, please let me know if you have any issues.

Last week I decided to take a more designed approach to my daily art routine, research, ideas and then the final piece, which is good for my painting as I feel frustrated when things need altering, which can often be avoided with a bit of planning, it feels good this has naturally worked its way into my routine, for the time being anyway.

In Saigon I decided to focus on buses for a day, full of different characters, suspended in time to be observed, this time something about doors attracted me, they are pretty fundamental, so here we have a bus door.

The next image is archery, the crucial moment of holding the arrow and aiming, I do archery as a hobby, so was good for me to focus on this piece for a day.

My next subject was motorbikes, I enjoy driving about and find it both relaxing and invigorating, but as an environmentalist I am always concerned about the pollution created, so this one after some development came to this abstract painting of smoke coming from an exhaust pipe.

I have always had an interest in Celtic art, as I am from Wales, here is a link to learn a bit more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_art

So I spent a few days practicing the techniques and then made this simple piece, there are a lot of very complicated designs, but I am by nature more interested in the simple, less is more as they say.

Ok so that’s it for this week, my eyes are wide open here in Thailand, looking for things that are unique to this country, to sketch, get inspired by and create some art work about them, over the week, looking forward to sharing with you next Monday, see you then.

Sam Watterson

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