Swatt Art week 7

Hello from Lampang, Northern Thailand, going back to last week in Bangkok, did the typical stuff, including visiting the various galleries, lots of fantastic art I have to say, really inspiring to see the traditional style put together in a modern way, a bit overwhelming also the level of detail and time put into these works, feel like I need to get more focused and detailed with my work.

There’s a theme here, “Holy baked goods”, I had a fruit baked thing with my coffee, which was pretty good and inspired these.

Here is a random watercolour, playing with the brush, trying to create some colour harmony.

and finally “female” the idea is the focused view us males have of a female’s anatomy, like a scanner, I’m sure this isn’t just me!

Ok so that’s it, will be heading to Chiangmai in a few days so let’s see what I can come up with during that time.

I guess these weekly updates will be a bit more random in their timing, let’s see how things go.

and finally if anyone is interested in any of my art I can post it to you, wherever you are, here is a link to see my other work, https://www.dropbox.com/photos/shared_space/OmB8PrP8EblP2SY
Over the next few days I’ll be adding a lot more images here.

Bye for now