Week 8 and a bit

Hello, back to base!

Arrived back in Ho Chi Minh on Saturday, after a month traveling It is nice to get home and gather my thoughts and push forward.

Did some marker drawing on a friend’shelmet yesterday, attempted to do on mine but I think I need to use a brush and acrylic for this one, continue later today, persevere.


I’m almost 40 and now I’m doing what I want to do in life, making hand made art, but it took a clear mind without all the doubts and many worries in life for me to realise this, thanks to meditation, these days I practice daily, as it really helps me move forward and stop worrying, but many things to work on.

This morning I did a "bodyscan", which is a meditation practice, as part of a free 8 week online meditation course I’m doing, here’s the website for anyone interested http://palousemindfulness.com
it will ease your mind, help you be more creative, reduce the doubts and help you achieve your potential in life.


These were done in Hue, in the middle of Vietnam, I am working on improving the depth in my sketches, with darker tones and thicker lines in the front and faded thinner lines at the back, will take a while to get something I’m happy with.


A few reworked and reworked texture abstracts, following the impulse I feel, what feels right at each step, the more I do this the more I like what comes out, the trick is to keep trying new things, to recognise what seems to work or not, then it’s easier to predict in advance.

Ok so that’s it for another week, I want to focus more and more on painting so should have some ready for next week, I want to do something for the places where I’ve traveled too, over the past month and and also have some social commentary ideas, let’s see.

Sam Watterson
Swatt Art

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