Week 13

Hi again, another week of water colour painting, around Saigon and a few still-life’s in the studio.

There is something I find interesting about these concrete and metal structures standing in Saigon river, I guess they are for securing boats, they are random, decayed and nature has taken a grip, I realised it’s necessary to get more detailed in my work, so have been focusing on looking more and spending more time looking for patterns in subjects that I an use.

This is my lovely friend Linh, and my first painting of a person, lots of room for improvement but I feel happy having progressed beyond pencil.

A quick painting in a park near my home, the light was failing so this really rushed me along, perhaps this pressure and time limit helped my work.

Snail mail
I would like to send an old fashioned letter to each person who reads my weekly email (there are about 20 of you), as a thank you for your interest in my work, so please email me a photo of you, a pet, treasured car, or something else that is important and has meaning in your life and that you would like me to muck about with, and most importantly your postal address!

I will print out and create an art work based on your photo, and lets remember the art of letter writing, (I am old enough to feel nostalgic about letter writing, I used to write to my sister and grandmother when I was a child) hopefully I can spark a little wave of letter writing, because when you write letters you share something quite personal, interactive, tactile, touching the same thing, miss spellings, and even experience the same smell of ink and paper, rather than the digital, clean, perfect, cold, instant, efficient communication of a computer, which is perfect for many things, but is very impersonal.

Have a great week, until next week


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