Week 15

So last week I focused on street goings on in Saigon, I also started cycling about and drawing but will save that for next week. The mural is currently on hold, maybe will find out what’s happening today.

Whilst driving about looking for interesting stuff to draw and paint I spotted this beast.

Which has a crane and was hauling some massive concrete objects from a canal.

Here is a lady selling fruit, they are normally cut up and peeled ready to eat, handy when your in the city centre looking for a healthy snack.

Finally an update on the mural:

I had to stop for a few days as they were unsure about the blue, still waiting, apparently it could be a kids room colour, but is that a bad thing, this is a cafe, a good place to relax, sometimes I think we get stuck in the colour stereotypes without thinking why that colour was used in that context in the first place, first it was a colour then it got used for a particular thing a lot, and every colour has positive and negative meanings, different people will associate a colour with different things, depending on the context it’s used in, a colour that represents the sky I feel is positive, open, familiar and spacious, but let’s see.

To learn more about colours, check this website out:

Until next week

Author: Sam

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