Week 16

Hello, and welcome to another weekly Swatt Art update
I posted a few hand written letters over the week, to my sister and to Casper, anyone else who wants a hand written and doodled on letter send me your postal address, swatttoon@gmail.com, for me this is a cool way to share some thoughts and my art, to individuals, as well as to remind others of the joy of writing and receiving a letter old style, hand written, hand drawn, and hopefully hand delivered. 

Clara, office worker. 

Sitting outside enjoying a coffee, very typical activity in Saigon.  

Park, Diamond Plaza

And as it was recently Halloween here’s a monster, I did three but this is the weirdest and therefore the scariest.  

and finally I did some abstracts with markers, which I haven’t done for ages, but it is great to freely let things flow out, making random rules as they become relevant, here is one of them.   

That’s it for another week, though will be another blog post immediately after this as I didn’t realise this has been sitting in the drafts, oh well!

Have good week!


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