Week 17

So last week I focused on doing some painting on my helmet and water bottle and then over the weekend I went to the coast again, I will relocate there in a months time, so I’m really looking forward to doing a lot of ocean themed work, but anyway back to last week.

Firstly here are a few of the things I doodled on, with enamel paint and then markers (faded quickly in the sun) the process was a lot longer than expected due to the enamel paint taking ages to dry and the need for 3 coats and my unsteady hand meaning more clean up, let’s see what else I can doodle on in the future  
Here are a few sketches from Vung Tau, a portrait of my good friend and very talented singer Johnny, check out some of his music here https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=YsSJ4_3xZ-Q, and a fishing hut.  

Quite often I find it’s necessary to do some thinking about my life as an artist, I often become a bit misplaced, thankfully the Internet is full of useful stuff, articles about artists, being motivated and staying on track, the other day I came across this article, titled “3 Keys To Making It As An Artist (Without Starving)” http://onforb.es/XFMKBL

Until next week

Author: Sam

I'm a multi-media artist, working with drawing, painting, textiles and motion expression, I have been living in Asia for the last 6 years, I'm originally from Wales, in the UK. I am available for commissions and creating animated films for commercial, educational and entertainment projects.