Week 19

Hi, welcome to another update

last week I did some messy ink and acrylic drip abstracts as I have a lot of paint and a short time to use it up, a perfect combination for some experimental and free flowing working process.

A very good friend has just ordered some watercolours and a sketch book from me, I am selling all of what I make, so if you see something that makes you feel something in my images, please let me know and we can discuss, I will post to anywhere on the planet, very worthwhile to me when someone will enjoy owning some of my work.


My favourites this week are also the most simple, these white on black acrylic on board, thanks to the previously painted layers beneath, textures and 3D ridges are available for the white to interact with, I think the natural and simplicity of these really appeal to my sensibilities, there will be more!


Drip canvas, when you have paint to use up and a different attitude towards making art, experimenting and trying new things really can lead to some interesting things, like these images, I especially like how the different coloured running drips interacted with each other when the canvas is rotated, perhaps I will add something else to these, will leave them for a week and see how I feel.

 A1+ Posters, I really played a lot with these, drip, splash, splat, folding paper, spray paint, I have a job now to clean the floor, but well worthwhile, perhaps I’ll have another blast this week before I scrape and scrub all that acrylic off the tiles. 

So I have 2 weeks left before I leave for Vung Tau, and plenty of paint left, so am planning to try some different base colours and more of the texture paintings, like these 4 b&ws, on board and experiment with different ways of applying the paint and show the textures of the layers beneath, looking forward to sharing with you next week.


Author: Sam

I'm a multi-media artist, working with drawing, painting, textiles and motion expression, I have been living in Asia for the last 6 years, I'm originally from Wales, in the UK, thanks for seeing my work, please get in touch if you'd like to discuss, my works are available to buy from my shop. Please consider supporting my work, you can purchase something from my shop, all support is greatly appreciated.