Week 20

Welcome to week 20

I did some dripping and splodging this week with acrylic on canvas, adding another layer to last weeks abstract paintings, and have been making Christmas cards, a nice way to share my art, if you want one for free and you haven’t given me your address, better do so quickly!

Here are some of the cards I’ve made, using art I’ve created over the last few months, done mainly with marker pens and felt tips, sending these out today, I hope they arrive in good time. It does make me feel happy to share my art this way and I really hope people will enjoy their hand made, original cards, I am thinking of other things I can put together, and pop in an envelope, birthday cards and postcards would make good sense, but also maybe silk paintings, handkerchiefs, scarves, bookmarks, crafts I guess, long as it keeps me making and allows me to do my thing is all good.

I am avoiding digital printing, meaning everything is a one off, taking between 5 mins to an hour to make, but spending a long time making a picture doesn’t make it prettier than one done in 5 minutes, I’m finding the opposite is more likely, especially when layering effectively and making attractive quick curves, knowing the tools and media, you just have to do a lot of trial and error to refine the technique, I do enjoy experimenting!

Next are my acrylics, I feel the splodging on some of these gives a nice random natural quality, as well as adding interesting 3D areas. I really enjoy doing this, exploring and combining different forms of mark making and of course I need to do much more to refine the processes, but I feel happier with these overall than the abstracts I’ve done up to now.

I’ve been getting some interest in these paintings this week because I have been promoting them on Craigslist and FB, so I should hopefully sell quite a few of them this week, this surely motivates me to make more and push the boat out, but feels awesome when people want your work on their wall.

I’m considering more things I can do on my travels for people on the other side of this planet, perhaps a culture letter, this might contain drawings of things that are special to the culture I’m in, and could contain things such as: a bus ticket, leaf, smells, finger prints, dirt, money note, stamp, etc, if anyone is interested in this please let me know. I think it would be an interesting project.

Have to go and dodge play dough being flung by small children now, see you next week. Sam

Author: Sam

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