Life in Saigon – Week 21

I’m leaving Saigon soon, maybe I’ll be back, I’m sure I will visit again at least, last week I spent most of the time making Christmas cards and sorting things out ready for my travels, so today I decided to take some photos of the places I regularly go to in the city, I hope it’s interesting.

Good places to draw

Daily life in Saigon

I’ve really enjoyed making letters, cards and sharing my drawings and paintings, thanks to everyone who has ordered from me and supporting my efforts and everyone for spending time to enjoy my weekly email, this really helps to empower my creativity, it’s a great thing to share with my friends from across the planet!

One more week to go in Saigon, I got my dates mixed up so have longer than expected, so will be making the most of the extra week to make more art, but also eager to get to the coast.

I’ve been selling a few of my abstracts, which is of course great, onwards and upwards!

See you next week, from the seaside!

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