Week 22, welcome to Vung Tau

So yesterday I arrived in Vung Tau, https://goo.gl/maps/yNh8W9RoJVm
This is a coastal town to the East of Saigon, I’m sitting in a cafe I’ve been to many times here, in my past visits, overlooking the sea, the light is bright and warm, the simple things warm my heart, the same things I want to share with you if I can through my art.

for the last few weeks all my efforts have been focused on selling my art and making Christmas cards, the paintings I haven’t sold yet have been placed at Fablab Cafe Saigon, http://fablabsaigon.org, who have very kindly agreed to display and sell them for me, as well as my Christmas cards, today making 20 more due to demand in Vung Tau!

Vung Tau, Vietnam, I’m going to be drawing and painting a lot of boats and water here, perfect for postcards.

But before I get on with the postcards I’ve got more Christmas cards to make and two abstract portraits to draw, something like this:

That’s it for another week, see you in seven days

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