Vung Tau, portraits & sea – Week 24

Merry belated Christmas, I hope you all had a nice time with family and friends, or if your away like me, then a nice relaxing time instead.

So last week I did a few portraits and someand finished off some small experimental paintings previously started, I often do things in stages, I find that’s a good way to have a clear idea about how to progress with a work and avoid overdoing it.

So these are portraits of my good friends Stephen who’s a photographer and Jason who’s a music producer, both live in Wales, UK.

Next up are sea postcard paintings, using watercolours and acrylic, I used acrylic to add the final White of the waves, as it allows a more opaque effect over darker colours than water colour will allow.

Looking forward to 2016, a year of making more art and the opportunity to share and hopefully bring some interesting creations to your mailbox.

See you next week in 2016