Groove Castle and Troopers (33)

I’ve been enjoying Cardiff, hanging out with a few good friends, doing some abstract art as always and exploring the local culture.

This is David Morris (Grooveslave), I lived with Dave for 3 years, and we’ve been good friends for quite some time. Dave is a creative and innovative guy, his house is full of really interesting stuff, including many of his illustration and architecture projects, take a look at some of Dave’s work here:

"Dave and me hanging out in his kitchen"

When I look around Dave’s place I see lots of inspiring and potential projects from all the resources he has collected, if time and Dave permits me, this week I’m going to focus on working with a peeled area of wall paper, this is interesting because it has a very organic random aesthetic and I like to work with these types of images and add a sense of purpose and value, let’s see what I can come up with.

Meet Steve Vye he makes costumes, specializing at the moment in customized Starwars Storm Trooper helmets, at his flat there are many, many of his wonderful creations, we will do a collaborative project soon, would be interesting to do something with some of those helmets.

“Troopers Sam and Steve” Me and Steph Vye, wearing two of his storm trooper helmets, so many great creations around his place, this guy is great at creating bespoke costumes, check out more of his work on Facebook

Due to lack of having a scanner and not wanting to take pictures of my art with a mobile phone (like I used to), here is some of my old work, I used to do a lot of sci fi and characters, these are slowly creeping into my work again.

Top left "Space Speeders" 2003 Pencil crayons and Photoshop (oh dear, Photoshop!) Top right, "Trapped" 2003 Pencil crayons and Photoshop (again!), bottom left "Autumn" Acrylic paint, 1997, Bottom right, "Jazz Time" 2005 pencil crayons.

I feel what I’m doing now is so quite far from this, I think if I saw my younger self I would definitely advise me to make what I like, and not be influenced by external pressures, but no regrets, I have enjoyed and learned a lot from what I have been doing with my time, and now I am in the right place at the right time.

I have just received card making supplies, all eco, recycled card, envelopes and bio degradable plastic covers, so will be cracking on with these again soon, watch this space…

Until next week

Author: Sam

I'm a multi-media artist, working with drawing, painting, textiles and motion expression, I have been living in Asia for the last 6 years, I'm originally from Wales, in the UK, thanks for seeing my work, please get in touch if you'd like to discuss, my works are available to buy from my shop. Please consider supporting my work, you can purchase something from my shop, all support is greatly appreciated.

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