Dublin (35)

I’ve just spent a week in Dublin, hanging out with my good friend Caspar, plenty of Guinness and a few museums and galleries and of course I made some art.

This is Caspar, he’s an Art Director and illustrator living in Dublin, we’ve been friends for about 6 or 7 years, enjoying pubs, music, coffee and drawing around London, check out Caspar’s creative website here http://casparshelley.co.uk/ thanks for lending me that warm but itchy hat Caspar, haha.

Me and Caspar

Hares on the March for the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation in Dublin, https://galabid.com/auction/hares, this reminded me of one of my all time favourite animations, featuring hares, made around 1978, called “Watership Down” https://youtu.be/ji-L


Hare of March

My beautiful handmade cards available now, contact me for more information.

See you soon

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