Back to Cardiff (36)

Welcome back to Cardiff, I’m going to stay here for a while, so it is nice to be settled for a bit, this allows me to focus on doing my cards, and enables me to do some acrylic painting.

I do have a few trips in mind though, back down West Wales, along the coast when things have warmed up for water colours and camping and Spain, Barcelona and then the Camino de Santiago with water colours, but for the moment I need to get on with some projects here, which require a fixed location for a while, and it’s likely I’ll be back in Asia for the winter around June, but one day at a time, nothing is set in stone.

So here’s some work from the past few weeks:

Lots of experimenting here, I have to say the ones that stand out to me are the simple brush strokes, with the gradient within, I love the way this can be done with a big Chinese brush.

Exploration of marks and colour, water colour and markers

I like the way these turned out, I think I need to paint some canvases like this.

“Loops” markers

I’ve always liked drawing characters, and often they are quite bizare, like these, I want to use them, maybe on cards or stickers, many more where these came from and they all need a good home.

Character Abstractions

So that’s it for another week, I hope you enjoyed these and many more to follow.


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3 thoughts on “Back to Cardiff (36)

  1. I love the first picture with all the marks on it. Did you use watercolor, markers, acrylic, or something entirely different. I also like how you created grids to work in. Very nice!

    1. Hi Jade, thanks for your comment, these are pages from an A5 sketch book rather than a grid as such, yes the first one is water colour and marker pens

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