Thailand hot glue, plastic and wood

So I went to Thailand last week, hung out in a few cafes as I normally like to do when I have the time, played with coffee, receipts and pencil, basically I enjoyed a nice doodle time.


Yesterday I spent the afternoon playing with a glue gun, sticks of wood and plastic packaging, we have to just keep doing these things until we find our direction, try not to feel discontent at not having a clear purpose, often we have to explore and put the time in before the purpose becomes clear, I do like the idea of recycling and adding some kind of value to something that is normally discarded, and being able to work with any material available and turning it into something interesting.


I have been collecting bags and packaging for a few months, and I have realized that I won’t get any good ideas about what to do with it, without first playing with these materials, chopping, layering, gluing, etc, if nothing else the process is enjoyable, as long as we can just be within that, and not worry much about if wasting time, not earning money, etc, long as ones ass is covered. To create new things, quality in things, and just to enjoy a process we have to focus on the present, on the doing, leaving everything else for another time.

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