A little exhibition of my latest works

I have set up a small exhibition of a few of my works, at a place called Ky Quan Cafe in Saigon, Vietnam, with some paintings and I have also created 2 murals in the small cafe space, its pretty relaxed and down to earth.

These murals are a collection of many abstract drawings on paper, done over the last 6 months, including cut and mixed media.

Mural 1
Mural 2

These paintings started as non permanent ink, dropped on the canvas, which was was then directed around the canvas using gravity, once the ink had dried, water was added and smeared, some graphic elements were added with more black ink, and the blue is  acrylic paint, some of these canvases have a pronounced texture because I used canvases which have a build up of paint from previous paintings, which I sometimes like to use as a basis for continuing in a new direction with works.


Once again using ink, then using gravity and rotating the canvas to create curls and water for the bleeding blurring effect, plus orange acrylic or yellow, the portrait was done with white acrylic applied with a pallet knife.


I hope you enjoyed these, if you happen to be in Saigon in the next few weeks pop in, send me a message and I´ll make sure to be around for a chat, all these painting are available on a pwyw (pay what you want) basis.


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