Swatt Art Update

New Abstract Paintings
Ok so here are a few new works, I have been eager to get these out there, well really to get any of my work out and in front of people, as this really does help motivate and keep me moving forward creatively, especially as this is my main way of sharing what I am doing. So without further a do here they are:

“Looping Globes”

Three for luck, round for completeness, within an organic wash of ink and paint, strong vs transparent, abrupt black strokes encasing what could be planets, bubbles or eyes, who can tell, you can!


Two observed, the outsider looks in as two lovers seek their uniqueness, in a sea of yellow and blue ink splodge, organic interactions and natural relationships, can be a parody of our perspective, an open mind seeing something of itself, or maybe not, a seeking for balance within.

“Float Upon Yellow Waters”

Four blue circles, float gently, with an emittance of colour and dark matter, they are of a kind, sticking together, protected in numbers, what are they looking for, are they lost or found, a mother and three children.

“Left Behind”

Sometimes we leave behind, to find a new belonging, a new direction, into the unknown, to presume would break the opportunity to discover, to connect and unite once again, what can be found in the sea of life, upon the tides of time, drifting away from what is known, a new can only bring fresh challenges.

“Cling Familiar”

Together and one lost in time, to remain with what we know, to tolerate what we habitually observe day to day, week to week, how long to continue unbroken, how long to continue broken, only to find the thing that we will, we will for it to be so or not so, so we must try.

Ok so that’s it for the moment, I have some drawings I will try and blog next week, and I am planning some oil painting sessions over the weekend, so looking forward to sharing those, have a great end of week, I better get my self into gear now and plan my art lessons for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

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