Exposing a silk screen through 3D objects

So I love bamboo, and decided to try doing a screen exposure using bamboo leaves on the screen, what a great result, I am excited to see what other ways and what objects I can use to do this.

Bamboo silk screen print

Perspective silk screen print of bamboo

Screen with bamboo leaf exposure

I’m keeping my eyes open and screens ready for some more natural objects to try out for direct to screen exposures, this is something I away wanted to try when I was doing photography darkroom processing and a recent experiment using a photocopier produced some great results (I’ll post something soon) but the finish and crisp lines of this screen print is inspiring and motivating, I am new to this but if any one wants more info let me know.

Thanks for reading, and check out my website here www.swattart.com

See you next time, Sam

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