A6 sketch book – character and abstract

I play around a lot in sketch books, try different techniques and combinations of things, fast work, my biggest advancement comes from doing, not being scared to ruin works, not being precious, just trying things out, by doing so building a sensibility to it. Recently I decided to put my characters to use, I have quite a few from over the years and I think is a great way to learn what I like. I printing them of and combined them with a wide range of existing existing works, the results don’t always work, but that is what a sketch book is all about, playing, experimenting and learning.

Thanks for looking, more coming soon, I have another 4 or 5 sketch books stacked up, that would like to meet you. It does help to motivate and inspire me to share what I’m working on, it can feel isolating otherwise, seeking more opportunities to do so.


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