Ivor the Welsh dragon and the storm

Ivor sat peacefully on his golden hoard, with it’s shiny warm glow, like the sun’s fiery rays, the king of the hill atop his throne of gold, many a hero attempted to take a hand full, a bag full, a chest full, but not a single coin was lost.

Ivor served as a faithful guard for aeons, employed by the goddess of nature, then one day, a terrible thundering storm started to blow across the sea, many days the storm fought for peace, needing to release its anger and might, before peace could be revealed, this terrific and terrible storm raged across the world, from the kingdom of Chengdu to the kingdom of Wales, bringing a strange beast, carried along by the furious winds.

Paralysed by violent sheet lightning, a blue dragon imprisoned, waiting to be released from the storms’ turbulant embrase, stunned and exhausted, she was carried further and further away from what she, Shaan the Chinese dragon knew, in a trance of light and dark, flashes and thunder, a nightmare.

Until finally, after what felt like a lifetime, all was quiet, and still, she opens her eyes, a beach, no longer in the sky, the cool sea lapping at her, seaweed wound around her, exposed on a wide beach, she feels explosed in a strange world, needing to seek shelter, a place to sleep and recover.

Finding her way across the beach and sand dunes, Shaan looks for shelter in the long reeds, stopping to rest, the guls watching, diving in for a closer look, loudly screeching.

Ivor the Welsh dragon has sensed something in the wind, strange yet familiar, guarded this cave for as long as he knows, protecting these precious things, but now he feels compelled to venture out, a force overriding his duty to stay and guard, faced with confusion and mystery.

There is a commotion down by the sea, gulls are playing all hell, a storm of feathers and sound, maybe a stranded whale or washed up giant jellyfish, brought to shore by the storm, but Ivor senses something else, the guls are not scavenging, they seem frightened.

Taking to the air he is soon circling above the noise, blood and feathers, below he sees the remains of many gulls, a huge number of them have been feasted upon, he follows the trail of feathers, it disappears into the evergreen forest, a place too dangerous for Ivor to be, too narrow, with branches ready to trap and tear his great wings, he can only search with his powerful eagle like eyes, trying to see what he senses lurks below, crawling through the undergrowth.

Without seeing but still scensing something, hiding in the darkness, Ivor reluctantly returns to his cave high on the cliffs, feeling an urgent need to protect that which he is destined to protect. In the cave he paces back and forth, anticipating the arrival of another, a dragon, strange to these lands, has he met his match, he waits readying himself for what awaits.

Through the forest she stalks, like a blue snake in a pit of green, the terrain unknown to her. She needs a way home, the plains, mountains and skies of Chengdu, but she senses she is far far away and there is no way of going back.

Too cautious to sleep he lays atop the glistening hoard of gold, breathing deeply, with danger at hand he cannot leave this lair, in the cave of mount Gough, his senses alert, his hunger growing, but he must protect this place, from what lurks below, he senses her as she weaves through the deep forest, ever closer.

No longer the kings of these forests, bears and wolves are now the hunted, fleeing in fear, defeated, their dens torn open and those inside feasted upon, she must feed a mighty appetite, to recover her strength, to fly and catch again her far sight, to be able to sense where she is and if there is a way home.

Ivor roars, then inhaling, gathering his breath deeply, down into his chest and stomach, gathering as much as he can, in, in, chest full and releases, the full force of his lungs, carrying a strong gaseous breath, exploding into a blast of fire, hitting the rocks above the cave entrance, loosening rocks, they smash into the passage below, blocking the way in, continuing to blast with his immense fire, the stone surface melts into one solid lava wall, sealing the entrance, stopping any known beast or human that would seek to steal the natural wealth within, satisfied, Ivor prepares to sleep, having sealed the cave from that which lurks below, deep within the mountain, locked away, with the gold, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, the recovered earth energy of balance.

Reaching the edge of the forest, stepping into the long grass and slowly approaching the mountain below, she senses a presence within, a great power, like the burning heart of the earth itself, she feels a fear and connection, drawing her closer to the danger within.

He wakes startled, sensing something, but Ivor is within the prison mountain, nothing he knows can find its way here, nothing, except, perhaps what he scensed in the forest, another beast like him, Ivor realises now that this is what he faces outside, another dragon seeks him and this sacred treasure, it is not safe, there is only one thing he can and must do.

Making her way up the sheer side of the mountain, she flies, stopping on crevaces and rocky lips to rest before moving to the next, still exhausted from the storm.

Suddenly an explosion of rocks and dust from above, bouncing down the face and narrowly missing the Shaan as she makes her way up, Ivor has released himself from his , he must face the threat, now he can smell her, not far below, taking to the air, circling and immediately seeing the blue dragon, fixed to the wall of the mountain.

The gulls and eagles circle overhead, they sense that blood might soon be spilt.

Shaan becomes aware of something in the sky, looking up she sees Ivor as he hovers, 100 meters away, she knows that flying is the only option, and launches off the cliff face, still weak, but filled with fear, excitement and adrenaline pumping through her veins.

She dives down, Ivor charges after her, screeching, talons seeking their hold, closer and closer.

Shaan rolls in mid air, narrowly avoiding Ivor’s attack, he overshoots, then she quickly flies up to the caves mouth, she now knows she cannot defeat Ivor, a far bigger, faster and stronger dragon, the only hope is to get into the mountain, into the darkness, where the power lays, a sacredness within.

Ivor fly’s towards the cave entrance, fearful that the blue dragon has entered, waiting deep inside, he cautiously enters, Ivor cannot see Shaan, it is dark, but even with his night vision she is not visible, camouflaged, but he can smell her, somewhere.

Hiding high up in the ceiling of the huge cavern, gripping effortlessly, silent and alert, she watches as mighty Ivor walks to the top of the gold mound, he sits, smoke billowing from his mouth and watches, scanning, the cave, everything seems to be there, nothing taken, he knows if even a single piece of gold or a diamond has been moved, his hyper vigilant senses will detect it’s absence.

She feels the urge to approach but does not, that would be suicide, Ivor’s adrehilin is at its peak and he is in a state of attack, the male dragon expects an attack and would fight to the death, Shaan does not want a fight, she has been drawn here for another purpose.

After several days of hiding, Shaan decides she has only one way to survive and get what she desires, suddenly she drops from her secure hiding place, quietly falling and caught by the wind, then floating down gently, landing on the great treasure mound, sending coins and jewels cascading down to the cave floor below, looking up toward Ivor who doses only 15 meters away, he opens one eye and looks at Shaan, calm and no longer sensing a threat, but he stares at her intently, unsure of her aim at entering his domain. Shaan lays down on the golden slope, both keep each other within sight. For Ivor the concern is no longer over Shaan’s presence, but instead he awaits the god of nature, the guardian of all things on this earth, he lays, closing his eyes and waits for it’s presence, of the ultimate power to present itself.

Finally Ivor opens his eyes, hungry, dashing forward he flows down the huge shining mound, past Shaan and out of the cave entrance, leaping off the cliff ledge and diving down towards the sea, it is morning, the sun is low in the sky.

Gliding silently Ivor scans the sea looking for a shadow, a ghost in the deep, and the tell tale signs of tuna fish, he remains high and far out of sight, until finally he spots what he is looking for, silently dropping down, he plooms into the cold sea, his wings streamlined behind, his great tail propelling him down towards the school of tuna fish, using his talons he hooks he hooks three large fish.

As he floats on the surface, belly towards the sky, covered in silver scales and a cloud of red spreading across the water, Ivor gorges on the tuna. Shaan looking down, lets out a loud shriek, Ivor, alerted to her hunger, diving down bellow the waves he thrusts himself down and up again in one powerful action, bursting up through the ocean surface, carrying one of the tuna fish in his claws, he flaps his powerful wings and ascends to the cave entrance, dropping the flapping fish at her feet.

She immediately rips open the tuna with her claws, as it flips and flaps and drinks the blood, as it oozes from the struggling body, chewing and drinking, she has never eaten such a creature, and is transfixed on the meal, Ivor slips past into the cave, shaking the ocean water off his body as he passes.

Slowely walks up the side of the shining mountain of treasure, his feet causes a landslide of silver, gold and diamonds to tumble to the cave floor.

Waiting at the top the god of nature waits, glowing brightly, blindingly, Ivor arrives and sits facing his master, eyes closed, the masters presence means the time has come to finish what has been started.

Shaan enters the cave and finally seats herself next to Ivor, eyes averted, she is also aware of what must be done, sensing through her instincts, what is protected in the cave, these most rare and powerful minerals, stolen from the earth, now recovered, soon to bring nature back into balance.

The two dragons vow to take on the task, sealing the cave entrance, they pull down the ceiling of rocks, with their fire, roars and claws, it is time to create a great furnace within, to melt the diamonds, gold and all the precious minerals of the earth, which have been collected over the past millennium, as human offerings and bribes, to the hope of bountiful harvests, safe voyages, as well as the wealth collected by magpies, rats and cats, seeking oneness with nature.

Two farmers look up at mount Gough, as smoke billows from the top, the mountain appears to be shaking and building up a great force within, yesterday everything was calm, this great rock has never shown any signs of volcanic activity, this region has not even seen a major earth quake and now this, it seems totally unreal and imagined, Llewellyn wipes his eyes, squinting to make sure they are not playing tricks on him, looking at each other, they both grab their mobiles and tap in 999, but Llewellyn lowers his phone, letting Jack make the call, instead Llewelyn snaps pictures, immediately posting them on Facebook, the local internet is instantly ablaze with rumour and speculation.

As the volcano builds the two dragons focus all their attention on creating the most immense molten sea, Ivor sends stream after stream of blue hot fire into the precious mound and rocks, Shaan spirals and twists creating a whirlwind which drills down through the moulten rock, down into the hard crust below, the entire cave is now a rising, swirling soup of fire and plasma, as the precious mound slowly melts, everything is mixed and merged into one, the powerful minerals must be absorbed completely into the earth, as the two dragons intensify their energy, the god of nature focuses on their atoms, which now infuse with molten larva, their force continues fire and whirlwind melting and drilling deep down into the earth towards the earth’s core.

A helicopter mounted news crew provides live updates, the world looks on through screens entranced, as quiet returns, the ground becomes still agin and the smoke quietly wafts itself out, the towns people sigh in relief, people return to their lives, as nature surges forward.

The Spirits of the dragons Ivor and Shaan, ascend up through the cooled rock, their bodies now one with the the rock and precious minerals, a catalyst, bringing the precious, powerful minerals of the earth back into their central place, to nourish and help Mother Earth prosper, flowers bloom in deserts, trees sprout on once icy peaks, seasons are rich in their diversity, life on the planet prospers and all feel a strong sense of satisfaction and care from and towards their world and Mother Earth.

As the two dragon spirits drift from the mountain they twist, and merge, dive and rise, they fade into each other and the world, spouting forth into clouds and waves, trees and people.

Author: Sam

I'm a multi-media artist, working with drawing, painting, textiles and motion expression, I have been living in Asia for the last 6 years, I'm originally from Wales, in the UK. I am available for commissions and creating animated films for commercial, educational and entertainment projects.

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