Sherry the tyre hungry dog

Once upon a time there was a dog, a little dog called Sherry, she loved to run and chase the wheels of cars, bicycles and especially buses. She’d bark, bite and wag her tail furiously in immense pleasure, as she darted back and forth in this joyous game, even though victory never came.

Oblivious to the danger of chasing 5 tonnes of metal on spinning wheels at 30mph, of steel and rubber, a dog only sees movement, focused on it, fleeing, and the loud noise of retreating prey, faster and faster, yap, yap, yap, yapping, it seemed that the chase would go on till the end time, time seemed to stand still, as Sherry’s teeth sank deeply into the bus’ tyre, in the blink of an eye.

An explosion, sparks, skidding, screaming, and a very loud bang and crunch as the 5 tonne bus slammed into a house, and fell on it’s side, Sherry simply stood yapping, until finally she strode off, head held high in victory, crowds stood by, astonished at the carnage, the taking down of a 5 tonne bus by a poodle.

Author: Sam

I'm a multi-media artist, working with drawing, painting, textiles and motion expression, I have been living in Asia for the last 6 years, I'm originally from Wales, in the UK, thanks for seeing my work, please get in touch if you'd like to discuss, my works are available to buy from my shop. Please consider supporting my work, you can purchase something from my shop, all support is greatly appreciated.

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