I like peace and quiet,

some people like to disturb it,

it’s ok now and then,

but why would I seek the opposite of what I want,

this is why I walk away,

until I disturb myself,

then where.

Categories: art

2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Sometimes we are shocked into speechlessness…..dumbstruck…or effects of this system of things…the unnatural things in this world….some ….damaged …any answers either in music art or anything else this world…ok to make a liveing doing what you love…it all has its right place but more is needed…I couldn’t live on bread alone so as to speak… I did when in the darkness of the horrible world we live in……..for 30yrs… me the shudders….beaten and thrown about…dangers insecurity heartbreaking…selfishnessi no love of goodness …….not all are like this….but I wouldn’t trust anyone… was too trusting….I now hope to sleep quietly ….soon all will be gone… please makes lots of friends who will truly love you it would be so so worth it

    1. we get what we focus on, if a person focuses on negativity and bad things, that is what they create for themselves and others, focus on positive and good things and that is what we get, it is a choice

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