So a while ago I was working on my Camino animation, when I say a while I mean 6+ years, it has been a while and nothing much has happened with it, but this is one of those projects that just hangs there in the back of my mind, looking at the storyboard I feel quite satisfied with it, I did quite a lot of work developing it. But finally after spending a lot of time working on stop motion puppets, simply trying to build my idea of the main character into a physical, animatable puppet, I just ran out of steam, really this needed to be a collaborative effort, rather than solo, one thing led to another and I moved to China, then Vietnam and now back to China, so here is where I am with it.

Part of the story board:

I’m reconsidering this, and looking at doing a 2d cut out style animation instead of traditional stop-motion with puppets, meaning the combination of elements, created using real world materials, real textures, some digital drawing, then everything composited and animated in After Effects, as I have done with a few of my previous projects, and sequences that need to be animated traditionally frame by frame, I’ll do in Adobe Animate, previously called Flash, which I’ve also used extensively, or possibly in virtual reality, as I have been getting to grips with this, early days yet through.

As a collage lover I will be keen to use fabric, photographs and whatever I can get my hands on, to make this look really great, and to give the feeling of the Camino pilgrimage walk itself, I still need to review test and consult with people more knowledgeable about these things to give me a foot up.

I’m really interested in your views, animation takes a lot of work and it is a big motivator when we have the input from others.

Thanks, Sam.

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