Lens-Artists Challenge #36 – Around the Neighborhood

I spotted this photography challenge yesterday and decided to post the following three images, they were taken a month ago in my neighbourhood, here in Beijing, the area is called Jingsong District, it is a bit run down, by some people’s accounts. But personally I prefer places which have some history, because they look and feel lived in.

Manhole covers are particularly normal I know, but somehow these things just catch my eye, every city has a unique design. Normal things in different places, I feel help to give me a reference point, a familiar thing wherever I might be.

Electric bikes and trikes are common here, I am fond of these cosy little cocoons, maybe one day I’ll have one, at the moment public transport is my choice of transit, quite crampt at times but gets me where I need to go, normally.

I have a lot of respect for the normal people I see around the streets of Beijing, there is a lot of wealth being generated for a few here, and the middle classes have prospered, but my interest is more in those who make do with the basics, I still see plenty of bicycles about, despite the freeze.

Thanks for joining me in my neighbourhood, I’m going to do a few more posts about Beijing covering the past months, including ice skating and Chinese New Year, I hope you enjoyed this post and keep an eye out for these new posts coming in a day or so.

Thanks, Sam

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