Bookworm Literary Festival Beijing – AI

So I have been shooting photos for The Book Worm literary festival in Beijing check it out if your in town, its on until Sunday the 31st of March, my next few posts will be about the events I’ve photographed, some very interesting stuff, including author talks and performances, first up AI Superpowers, the author is Dr. Kai-Fu Lee “one of the most respected experts on AI and China” so if that is of interest perhaps check out his book. Don’t worry this is not a sponsored post, just sharing info, I’m more interested in exposing myself, what I do and my interests, creating collaborative opportunities, rather than trying to profit from random advertising. Maybe that’ll change when my money runs dry.

If you have any tips about improving my shots please share, they were taken using a digital compact, Panasonic Lumix LX100, an amazing little camera, small zoom does mean getting up and personal, but awesome little camera, picked up, used on eBay for $400 or 300 quid if your in the UK, am looking for a equally good brother for this, something which is more zoom focused, one compact for landscapes and mid range shots, one for getting close, both for shooting video in unison.

I did some post processing using Adobe Lightroom, on my iPad which is super efficient and portable, very nice, will be doing more and more of this reporting/documenting stuff I’m involved with for sure. Especially my own artworks.

Thanks for seeing.


Categories: Photography, writing

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