Bookworm Literary Festival Beijing – Feminism in China

Wow I have to say this was a really interesting talk, sensitive issue in a land where men or masculinity dominates with their/it’s communistic rule and control, really interesting to learn more about this issue, and its deep implications on China and globally in a world where we are more often than not pushed to focus on success through money and masculine qualities and careers.

By coincidence I am reading a very enlightening book called The Gift by Lewis Hyde where gift like trade is compared with femininity and money exchange based trade is a masculine, our world is biased towards the later, at the cost of the former, art, community, charity all discussed, especially interesting for my personal ongoing question and seeking understanding of myself as an artist and self help enthusiast, as well as recycler and general helper, I seek to be able to survive through exchange and mutual benefit, rather than gaining through the loss of others, but anyway lets move on to the event, first some shots.

You can check out Hong Fischer’s book here, she looks at how feminist activists were treated in China, the implications of the feminine movement in China for the current regime.

I believe the feminist issue is beyond being a woman vs man concern, I think the danger with feminism being associated with womankind primarily, is that it creates a them and us mentality, perhaps alienating men who are feminists (correct me if I’m wrong please) further promoting expectations and limitations imposed on people based on their appearance, though this is of course a large part of the debate, and I am no expert and the luck of being born male or female, no doubt brings certain advantages or disadvantages, but this does work both ways, I believe. If we simply focused on the female and male characteristics of us as humans, and ignored the physical appearance of ourselves, these biases in society affect us all, for certain types of work are defined as feminine or masculine and a person is biased against for being of the wrong physique for it, for example, but I believe the biggest price we pay for this imbalance away from feminine towards the masculine, is towards ourselves (man and woman) and our world, the lack of emotional intelligence, of care towards our environment, the very place that we cannot exist without, I feel we all need to individually seek to balance ourselves, our feminine and masculine, if only for our own peaceful and contented existence, to achieve and push ourselves whilst being aware of the big picture, how caring for ourselves means focus on inner conflicts, with others, our environment and seeing to do good wherever possible.

If you are in Beijing and feel like being inspired, check out the festival program.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

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