Upducky Band and Damhsa – Bookworm, Beijing

I love live music, and what a treat an Irish band in Beijing and me filming and photographing it. Being mostly from Wales, I feel an affinity towards the Irish, though in confusing contrast, my English side feels the guilt of association with oppression, anyway labels aside, I really enjoyed their show, good timing as well, being Saint Patrick’s day.

Sometimes I am too sensitive perhaps, but we are what we are, there are always benefits to our different states of being, and I think sensitivity and live music are a great combination, we could also include empathy in that equation, I try to be empathetic, though I’m sure a lot of the time I’m more of an emotionless plank, which also has it’s advantages, I think its about using sensitivity when it’s most helpful and the blank plank state for when it is the most helpful, I’m still learning when and where to use both.

Often it is just a case of constantly getting these wrong, accepting and using failure and becoming more aware, reaching a new level, very much a challenge in day to day reactions with people.

The magic of a live performance can really be felt and explored through connectedness with the moment and sensations rather than thoughts, as I’m sure most have experienced.

Thanks for looking, Sam.

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