written nonfluently,

river flow unperturbed,

words uttered freely,

describing insignificance,


desreetly and out loud,

whichever way supports,

free form word flow,

from the inner river of,

conscious creative,

expressed requirement for,

multi directional thought,

levels, layers shrouds of structure,

dismantled and laid bare,

for me to move past cognition rules and forms,

beyond form structure,

perspective and culture barriers,

seek to divide and unite,

flow apart and together,

momentarily or permanently,

ignorantly and naive,


Categories: poetry, writing

1 thought on “Poetry

  1. Dictionary full of words…….so”s my material medica A-Z……..all well organised thank goodness…..else it would be,slpqygndcbj which doesn’t mean a thing……..and I would get mixed up and left hanging in space……besides i haven’t even had time to read last weeks newspaper…..better get off before I. Get into trouble again and I have lots of meds to take and the carers haven’t been yet ,and I think I’m going to cry again good morning or is it goodnight or is it dark or is it light…flight a kite……………..how’s that “tuppence”xxx

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