Lost in a crowd,

nothing to be proud,

life passes by,

not being successful,

following the herd,

not being heard,

not facing the hard,


and fearful,

low tolerance,



non humility,

one way no way,

to only give,

to only receive,

no balance,

non acceptance,

closed like a locked box,

a safe,

secure against failure,

secure against success,

distress at dreams lost,

life of unfulfilment,

resent those we blame for our inaction,

corporate scapegoat for our inaction,

political fall guys for our lack of heroism,

everyday an opportunity to stand up or sit down,

follow the dream be counted,

reign supreme or humbly follow,

buck the trend we should insist,

forsaken is it useless to resist,

balanced with compliance,

less annoyance.

Categories: writing

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