Fine art photography – or is it!

I am drawn to seeing things in their simple forms, to spend a moment focused on different aspects of the world I’m in, looking for what interests me, what can I combine with my own mental lens and reinterpret for a few others, I believe all we need is a little faith and perhaps a touch of despair to start enjoying the simple things and forward that enjoyment to others, hopefully connecting them with their own need for creative expression, rather than alienate through high words and lofty art.

So I was walking around Taipei centre, looking up at the sky, it looked rainy and gray, the light was low on the trees, buildings and lampposts, with a nice evenly lit, not to bright sky, I have an affinity for this sort of imagery, I worked with screen and woodcut printing, what I saw looked like a great opportunity to create that style of image.

I find photography is a great way to see and experience shapes and textures, as an image/art making method in itself, but it also leads very well into my abstract and collage work, working with shapes, textures and contrasting elements.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

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