Trip to the mountain

I like to go on trips and hikes, and being right next to a mountain, naturally made me think about going for a walk up it, or at least part way up. For the past three weeks I’ve been staying in the shadow of this mountain, I see those tree lined slopes everyday, watching over us people, often hidden by clouds of mist, almost hiding the whole mountain at times.

I asked my host Cheng-Han, if he could recommend any walks in the mountain, he was not keen to give me directions to our neighbouring mountain, instead directed me to another, some distance away, saying the local mount was mainly accessed only by farmers, but as I am not one who gives up easily on some exploration opportunity, and especially as I am regularly reminded by its presence, I sought for more advice, naturally Google maps was helpful in seeing the locations, but ultimately local knowledge and a tourist information offices local map helped me pinpoint where exactly I wanted to go.

Looking at the tourist map I found several mountain roads, highlighted as trails, so I chose one called Paoma History Trail, as it is the closest one, and so sought a way to get there, I took the bus, to cut a long story short I waited an hour for the bus, but quickly discovered the trail began only ten minutes walking distance from the bus stop, time for lunch in the park and a chat with the locals.

Eventually arriving at the mountain road turn off, at the edge of Jiaoxi town, I first came to a street food vendor, barbecuing, with people hanging about and eating, I decided to continue, it was too early for food.

After walking for a while I was overlooking Jiaoxi town, the view was great, surprised at how the houses simply kept going across the horizon towards and along the sea, with green fields, gardens and trees, nestled between the houses, villages and towns.

In the distance is turtle island, from this angle it looks more like a shoe, but I have been told the name was started by local fishermen, from different angles it is more turtle shaped, people like turtles here because they are regarded as lucky.

During my walk down I passed a lot of other people walking up, so seems to be a popular road to walk for locals, it was hot and exhausting walking up there in the afternoon, but well worth it to get some interesting shots to share and write about, make the effort and have an experience, is always worth it.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

Author: Sam

I'm a multi-media artist, working with drawing, painting, textiles and motion expression, I have been living in Asia for the last 6 years, I'm originally from Wales, in the UK. I am available for commissions and creating animated films for commercial, educational and entertainment projects.

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