Introducing Syl, a Beijing based musician from France.

I’m currently doing some graphics work for Syl, which features ancient symbols, runes and Roman numerals, it has been really interesting, as it involves different cultures and mystical systems, all combined together into one graphic, which I have now also animated for his website, you can also listen to some of his music here.

We have a video in production, featuring Asian landscapes, Buddhism and Chinese traditional dance, as soon as it’s done I will share it here on my website, along with some insights into the production process.

Just finished some animated gifs for his website. See below.

Simple but quite tricky to keep the size under 20mb and for it to remain smooth, plus the image quality to be good, but finally we got there. The stepping in the rotation is because this is 5 frames per second, for a much smoother rotation we would be aiming for 12fps, but that would take us over the file size limit, it’s a fine balance and often compromises have to be made.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

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