Birds of Taipei

Last week I spent two days in Taipei city, mainly to visit museums and galleries but am on the look out for birds also, so took my camera and kept my eyes open, here a few of the feathered friends I bumped into in some parks there.

This is a Black-collared Starling , it caught my eye.

A Common Myna, there are a lot here, they are entertaining to watch.

Homing or Rock pigeon/dove, very common in Europe, North Africa, and southwestern Asia.

Magpie, one of my favourite birds, due to their white markings and behaviour, they seem more intelligent than some other birds.

Ok thanks for reading, will keep looking for more birdies, I’m getting quite into them, Sam.

4 thoughts on “Birds of Taipei

  1. Nice photos! I am in the process of writing a novel for kids. The main character migrates from China in the late 1800s to work with her grandfather in Oregon. A magpie (and a little gull) are part of the supporting cast. Love magpies!

    1. Yes they are interesting aren’t they, at the moment where I am are many Egrets, will see what characteristics I can identify with them

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