Recycled Plastic Animals

I have seen these recycled animals scattered around Taiwan, it’s great to see this sort of initiative, Taiwan is pretty good (as far as I have seen so far) at recycling plastics, there are trash trucks that collect the recycling and a guy sits in the back sorting through everything, you cannot simply leave bags on the road side, you have to hand them to the person inside, or for general waste, you have to put it in the crusher yourself.

I’ve noticed that there are no bins in most public spaces, I wonder what is the idea behind this, some kind of strategy for deterring excessive use of convenience foods, or maybe its to encourage people to eat at restaurants or in their homes not the street.

After looking into it, on various forums, it seems the policy here is to limit peoples household waste, by fining those who leave it on the road side and as a side effect people would dump it into public waste bins, causing sometimes large piles of trash, so the government simply removed them, forcing people to reduce their waste.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

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