Suho Paper Museum Taipei

This was a very interesting place to visit, and quite hard to find, it took a couple of attempts, but I persevered, as I work a lot with paper, making collage and working with sketchbooks, as well as gluing to walls.

The Suho paper museum showed the making process and examples of paper types as you’d expect. I had the opportunity to make some paper myself, which was pretty fast and simple, though the preparation of materials and tools, plus the space needed is quite complicated, thankfully I could just roll in and do it, to experience the end process. I have considered making paper as a part of my creative process, but as I’ve mentioned it requires the right facilities, whereas if I buy paper, my options are far wider and I can focus on the image making, but perhaps one day, or I’ll just do more workshops where they’ve already done the hard part.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

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