3 Insects of Taiwan

Spending time out in the countryside means you get to meet some interesting beings. Furry, creepy and crafty, all sorts.

Here is a Macrobrochis Gigas Caterpillar, it’s almost cute, though I feel hesitant about picking one up, are they hairs or spines, I’m not sure, to see the butterfly which will come from this, here is a wiki link.

Next up is a “Face Spider”, also known as a “Banana Spider”, more scientifically known as a I don’t mind spiders when they aren’t on me, with a name like that though, the “Facehugger” alien from the Ridley Scott Alien movie, springs to mind, pun intended!

The next insect is a “Polistes Gigas Wasp”, with it’s paper nest, I have picked one of these nests up and they are incredibly light, now I wish I had kept it, what a beautiful thing it was.

I have some more photos of amazing insects from Taiwan to post, as soon as I can find out what their names are that is, any advice on the easiest way to search for a bugs names would be appreciated, comment below.

Thanks for reading, Sam.


Author: Sam

I'm a multi-media artist, working with drawing, painting, textiles and motion expression, I have been living in Asia for the last 6 years, I'm originally from Wales, in the UK, thanks for seeing my work, please get in touch if you'd like to discuss, my works are available to buy from my shop. Please consider supporting my work, you can purchase something from my shop, all support is greatly appreciated.

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