3 Insects of Taiwan

Spending time out in the countryside means you get to meet some interesting beings. Furry, creepy and crafty, all sorts.

Here is a Macrobrochis Gigas Caterpillar, it’s almost cute, though I feel hesitant about picking one up, are they hairs or spines, I’m not sure, to see the butterfly which will come from this, here is a wiki link.

Next up is a “Face Spider”, also known as a “Banana Spider”, more scientifically known as a I don’t mind spiders when they aren’t on me, with a name like that though, the “Facehugger” alien from the Ridley Scott Alien movie, springs to mind, pun intended!

The next insect is a “Polistes Gigas Wasp”, with it’s paper nest, I have picked one of these nests up and they are incredibly light, now I wish I had kept it, what a beautiful thing it was.

I have some more photos of amazing insects from Taiwan to post, as soon as I can find out what their names are that is, any advice on the easiest way to search for a bugs names would be appreciated, comment below.

Thanks for reading, Sam.


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