My name is Sam Watterson, I’m from the UK and currently in Beijing, I’ve been living, making art and teaching in Asia for 6 years.

I enjoy working with a range of media, my fine art work is focused on collage, mainly abstract, also working with character, often combining abstract and character works into one image.

I also work with animation and motion graphics, projects I’ve done include children’s book adverts and film titles, as well as independent film projects.

At the moment I’m writing, poetry and documenting my travels and creating fictional stories through my blog, and sometimes on my Instagram or YouTube channel.

On my “development” page you can see a list of what I’m working on and would appreciate support for, if your interested please take a look and see what might resonate with you, I’m interested in any support you would like to offer.

I also take on commissions, so if you have a project you would like me to help you realise, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading