My name is Sam Watterson, I’m from the UK and currently residing and creating in Taiwan, I’m a multi media artist, working with paint, drawing, and animation.

I like to make work on walls at the moment, public art, because I desire that art is accessible and also I am travelling, so this allows me to make large works and not have to take them away with me, my suitcase can only hold so much.

For my portable practice I work with sketch books, drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, sewing.

I like to work with collage, to initiate a piece through random and organic mark making, as I see in nature, such as water, printing or free form mark making, or working with existing marks, and then I try to bring order to it through pattern, and cut shapes.

I focus on an a-symmetrical approach to pattern making, repeating, but then breaking the repetition with some missing and alternate elements, as I see in the leaves of a tree, and grass.

I also take on commissions, animations and wall art, so if you have a project you would like me to help you realise, please send me an email.

You can follow my blog also, so you will know what I am up to, my posts include my own art, travels and visits to galleries and other inspiring places.

Thanks for reading

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