Waiting Patiently Amid the Turmoil

Pictures just come together, I focus on what I like, but am constantly trying to learn what other people like, we are all human and full of complexities, experiences of different visual stimulus and linked emotions and memories, I just feed in the data and create without thinking too much about it, for these abstract works anyway. I hope they are interesting and may spark a sense of exploration and discovery in those who see them, if you would like a physical form of this or my other works, consider taking a look at what I have in my shop. Thanks in advance for any support, and that especially includes taking the time to see and read here on my blog.


Sunset Over Red Mountain

This is one of my favourite collages so far, I do have a few I have done which I keep liking, the technique was discovered by accident, as most of the best ones are, I was using markers and noticed how the ink went through the paper, to me the softening and appearance of the paper’s texture because of this added a nicer organic feeling, compared with the sharpness that is often the result of using markers and felts, this is a collage so does also include the typical correct side round and the reverse side of marker and felt pens, I hope you like it, it’s available printed here.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

Loops and Swirls – Available

It’s always nice to sit down and have a doodle, at home, in a cafe, or on the bus, to relax and ease the mind, mindfully letting go of the control that we may associate with art making, no need for rules, just simply pen to paper and movement, spontaneously adding different colours, marks and making rules for repeating elements and patterns if they feel right, if you like this, I have added it to my print shop.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

New collage work – Available

I have been pretty busy doing collages as I travel here in Taiwan, mostly in my sketch books, where I draw, paint, cut and glue, inspired by the world and people I’m discovering and the creative process itself.

If you would like to support my work, please take a look at my online print shop and see if there is anything that tickles your fancy, I have chosen to add my images to Redbubble to sell, as I feel it is reasonably priced, and they ship worldwide, if you have seen another artwork of mine not yet on my shop, which you would like to buy there, please get in-touch, I will do my best to upload it and make it available asap, and if you have other ideas please share. Thanks, Sam.

Robot up-cycling in Taipei Treasure Hill Artist Village

I went to Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei on Monday, it’s worth noting that spaces are open after lunch, and check the website for events to make sure spaces are open, I like to just roll up and discover, just check the opening time is my usual routine, at first it seemed not much was open biut after a little perseverance I found a few interesting spaces, these are working/exhibition studios, and a great opportunity in many cases to meet the artist.

I discovered artist resident Kjohn, he makes robots and spaceships from recycled electronics, these were pretty cool and reminded me of making stuff from Lego when I was a kid. The great potential of art is to continue doing the things that we started out with, that we had a passion for doing, when we didn’t have to deal with the complexities and pressures that adult life and society can often push onto us, Kjohn’s work reminded me of my childhood creative explorations.

Flashing lights and up-cycled electronics, what a great combination.

Thanks for doing what you do Kjohn, and helping to reignite my inner child and the creative freedom that allowing him to play will bring in my life.

Thanks for reading, Sam.