New paintings – abstract and piggy!

So a few months in to the year of the pig and I’ve finally done a few piggy themed works, featuring drawings taken from my sketchbook and abstract painting, using Chinese ink and acrylic. I’ve been combining comic style characters with abstracts for the last year or so, as these existed sepersately and I realy…

Art Battle

Noisy pressure kerfuffle,  beer music chit chat,  concentrated focus,  pushing the paint through myself to the canvas,  calm in disorder,  disorder under force,  forced flow,  gesture letting go,  going with the,  not know,  to need not.


Wrong side towards bright, feels right, in the UK not right, ring the bell to notify, ready to shift to not die, electric petrol pedal foot, this way and that, here there everywhere, predictably unpredictable, get from the start to the end, without ending.


I popped on to Facebook quick, like dope to me, even the pope has a page, probably not him though, fact or not I don’t know, wandering mind trapped in data, please like me, I don’t wanna be lonely, digital thumbs up make my life purposeful, river walks and forest talks aside, a hundred likes…

Shell Shock

Too many heavy knocks,  blind stupidity,  fear of stylish ineptitude,  and determined effort,  failed cohesion and logic,  instructed and cushioned,  hard lesson in humility,  paid for physically,  be helped thankfully.

Art Battle – Beijing

So we headed down to Yue Space, Beijing, this space is really nice, set in a courtyard, with old wooden beams and ceiling rafters, a record shop, videos on the shelves and toys for sale, at the back, interesting and eclectic, I like to see a business crossing boundaries and a trust of clientele, to…