Collage Book Video

Here is a video showing my most recent Collage Book, it is a mixture of drawings, cut and fixed into a book, the pages have been cut to reveal the next page and to play with light and shadow, for me these elements are important, they provide an atmosphere and animation, as they move and interact with the pages they flow over, watch and enjoy 🙂

Was there any images that you liked, please share your insights on my work, this is really helpful for me to develop and grow as an artist, my work is a form of communication and it’s important that I can learn what is communicating with you.

Your feedback along with my own insight, helps me choose which images and combinations, shapes and other elements to extend and digitise, then I use Illustrator or Photoshop to create patterns and other types of prints.

Thanks for watching, Sam.


Waiting Patiently Amid the Turmoil

Pictures just come together, I focus on what I like, but am constantly trying to learn what other people like, we are all human and full of complexities, experiences of different visual stimulus and linked emotions and memories, I just feed in the data and create without thinking too much about it, for these abstract works anyway. I hope they are interesting and may spark a sense of exploration and discovery in those who see them, if you would like a physical form of this or my other works, consider taking a look at what I have in my shop. Thanks in advance for any support, and that especially includes taking the time to see and read here on my blog.


Sunset Over Red Mountain

This is one of my favourite collages so far, I do have a few I have done which I keep liking, the technique was discovered by accident, as most of the best ones are, I was using markers and noticed how the ink went through the paper, to me the softening and appearance of the paper’s texture because of this added a nicer organic feeling, compared with the sharpness that is often the result of using markers and felts, this is a collage so does also include the typical correct side round and the reverse side of marker and felt pens, I hope you like it, it’s available printed here.

Thanks for reading, Sam.