Suspending Tangled Mass – Pen

One thing I love about felt pens is their portability and clean nature, a very convenient way to create colour, with thin points which are great for line drawing, I have spent many hours using them in cafes, for the above reasons, and they have helped me create in such a free way.

Using Photoshop I replicated what I do with scissors, to cut simple shapes from my works and rearrange.

I am particularly fond of ovals, and circles, looking at the below and how it appears on stuff in my store, ovals are particularly nice, I guess the portrait orientation of a lot of clothes and objects matches the height width ratio of this oval in particular.

Thanks for seeing, Sam


Suspending Tangled Mass – Collage

Drawn using felt pens and mindfulness, do what feels the most pleasurable, pen on paper and move, actually besides making a work I personally like, this is a great way to warm up for more complex art making, as it helps loosen and remove the sense of fear, and “block” that many people face when they sit down to create, just scribble, and waste some paper! But and actually I believe you might discover you favourite and best work comes from this fee and relaxed process, why not give it a try.

Thanks for reading, Sam


Waiting Patiently Amid the Turmoil

Pictures just come together, I focus on what I like, but am constantly trying to learn what other people like, we are all human and full of complexities, experiences of different visual stimulus and linked emotions and memories, I just feed in the data and create without thinking too much about it, for these abstract works anyway. I hope they are interesting and may spark a sense of exploration and discovery in those who see them, if you would like a physical form of this or my other works, consider taking a look at what I have in my shop. Thanks in advance for any support, and that especially includes taking the time to see and read here on my blog.