My new online shop

I now have a shop on my website, the first two works are books, the first one is my first book of poetry, featuring a range of works from the past 12 months, ranging from UK focused experiences to Beijing and lots in-between. Secondly is the Camino de Santiago illustrated story, this was inspired by my experiences walking the Camino in Spain in 2011, a 30 day pilgrimage on the “French Way“, I started in Pamploma and ended in Fistera, 700k across the North of Spain.

Thanks for reading and if you decide to read any of my two books and hopefully for supporting my efforts and contributing to my creative process, lots more coming this way. Sam


Exciting waves,

I come with enthusiasm for adrenalin,

to engage within,

at first my energy is high,

slowely the rough and tumble,

soon salty insides,

arms aching,

constantly falling,

the buzz falling,

burning sun above,

exhaustion, failures, upright lacking,


beer under an umbrella,

recharge and hit the salty tumbling laughing waves,

each attempt adding to one day of successful failure,

an experience of nature being the winner,

my strength no match to the forces that be,

the wind and the salty sea,

but my natural place in nature,

no doubt we cannot be taken out,

only convinced through language and our imagination,

that we are anything but nature.


Born from the mountains,

the clouds,

held by the rocks and trees,

enjoyed by the people,

the birds, mosquitos and frogs,

cool fresh drinking at the source,

soon to be contaminated by humanity,

convienience vs balance,

deposited into essential life giving resources,

is it distorted and unbalanced,

a contradiction and impossible situation,

reality is not as it seems to be.


Fear of difference,


and necessarily within,

focus on one side of a coin,

brings the other,

in equal amount,

hate another hate yourself,

love another love yourself,

focus on what to be,

create a growing destiny,

fill the hole of despair,

with connectedness,

with me and others,

separate or unite,

fear or bravery.