I want to be important, to make myself felt, to send ripples through the cosmos, for the dust to be less settled, see me I’m here, money power authority, my life must be more worthwhile, than those who do nothing, more than smile, I know so much not ignorant, a speck of dust with real…


I cannot see the plane is dark, hark, five hours til I disembark, watch four movies, action too fast, now more slow, way to go, turbulent, bump and grind, like a flying speed boat, normally I don’t mind.


Phone shop rave, do I look like a social media slave, yes I suppose so, but where else can I go, I want to stay, transfixed on this glowing window, to another place, my body not to displace, see this and that in such haste, in such a small rectangle space, my existence dependent on,…


Wrong side towards bright, feels right, in the UK not right, ring the bell to notify, ready to shift to not die, electric petrol pedal foot, this way and that, here there everywhere, predictably unpredictable, get from the start to the end, without ending.

Strength and Weakness

The same, the scale, left to right, never ending, pendulum of life, don’t hold it up, not block it’s swing, it’s flow, through thick and thin.


My greatest fear is to be stagnant, impotent, incompetent, I may fail and fall short, not reach the mark, not be good enough, all those things that help me, to be, to push me, my friends and family, to push ourselves to magnificence, personal significance, to change like a river of thunder, never ending drastic…

Up and Down

The waves of life, good and bad is the way it is, happy and sad the way we be, positive and negative the real reality, but it doesn’t make sense to me, to step into a burning fire continually, to be positive takes a focus, expensive it is, a priceless commodity, not appreciated by those…