Collage Book Video

Here is a video showing my most recent Collage Book, it is a mixture of drawings, cut and fixed into a book, the pages have been cut to reveal the next page and to play with light and shadow, for me these elements are important, they provide an atmosphere and animation, as they move and interact with the pages they flow over, watch and enjoy 🙂

Was there any images that you liked, please share your insights on my work, this is really helpful for me to develop and grow as an artist, my work is a form of communication and it’s important that I can learn what is communicating with you.

Your feedback along with my own insight, helps me choose which images and combinations, shapes and other elements to extend and digitise, then I use Illustrator or Photoshop to create patterns and other types of prints.

Thanks for watching, Sam.


Seafaring – Available

I like drawing boats, and related things, these quick ink sketches were done at Hong Kong harbour, during a visa run there last year, tankers a tug and an island, maybe less conventional than your normal subject for art making, which I guess would be sailboats, beaches and seaside towns, which I love, but there is something about the industrial nature of our relationship with the ocean, which is ever present and I admire in some way.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

I have made this design available printed on a variety of products here, please consider supporting my work and take a moment to see if there is anything that attracts your eye, there are ideal gifts for others too.

My new online shop

I now have a shop on my website, the first two works are books, the first one is my first book of poetry, featuring a range of works from the past 12 months, ranging from UK focused experiences to Beijing and lots in-between. Secondly is the Camino de Santiago illustrated story, this was inspired by my experiences walking the Camino in Spain in 2011, a 30 day pilgrimage on the “French Way“, I started in Pamploma and ended in Fistera, 700k across the North of Spain.

Thanks for reading and if you decide to read any of my two books and hopefully for supporting my efforts and contributing to my creative process, lots more coming this way. Sam