Street food – Pancakes

I love pancakes, thankfully so do the Taipei and Beijing residents, I have had similar food in both, but they also each have their unique, wheat flour based recipes. This one in Taipei, where the elderly guys was very friendly, which is one of the reasons I enjoy eating street food, is the social aspect, who doesn’t enjoy a chat, compared to the cold reception in most chains, such as the Mcdonalds opposite his stall.

His pancakes came with a variety of options, I chose the egg and soy sauce, tasty and satisfying and culturally interesting!

Thanks for reading, Sam.

Street art at Zhongshan Station, Taipei.

On Friday I went to the Museum of Modern Art in Taipei, to be honest I found the public artworks at the Zhongshan MRT Station much more interesting, it seems sometimes museums get stuck for ideas and just fill the space with work that lacks imagination and impact. I guess this is also just my preference.

I do have a fondness for abstraction and character, so of course these works around the MRT (subway station) caught my eye, I also really appreciate art that is public, as opposed to art that is made exclusive by being housed in a gallery or museum, when it comes to inside art, I still make an effort and enjoy a lot of the works I see, but the whole idea that art is for and by everyone, really is communicated much better through street art, than by art which we often have to pay to see and that is put on a pedestal, .i.e. it exists as some kind of status symbol for those who buy it and I guess the artist too, I do hope to do more exhibitions, don’t get me wrong, but I also like to get work out into the world, literally.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

Birds of Taipei

Last week I spent two days in Taipei city, mainly to visit museums and galleries but am on the look out for birds also, so took my camera and kept my eyes open, here a few of the feathered friends I bumped into in some parks there.

This is a Black-collared Starling , it caught my eye.

A Common Myna, there are a lot here, they are entertaining to watch.

Homing or Rock pigeon/dove, very common in Europe, North Africa, and southwestern Asia.

Magpie, one of my favourite birds, due to their white markings and behaviour, they seem more intelligent than some other birds.

Ok thanks for reading, will keep looking for more birdies, I’m getting quite into them, Sam.

Dead city

The concrete feels devoid of life, bricks and mortar stone cold, silent, with mechanical rolling wheels, and commuters busily walking here and there, life is less and more discreet, polite.

The countryside swishing, hissing and churping with frogs, crickets, birds, rats, mosquitoes, water running, cascading, rain falling, thundering on tin rooves, exhausted by it all.

We are a social species, there’s safety in numbers, follow the herd, are rewarded by giving, love, creativity and sharing, build great things together, supporting one another, our nature seems to be to gather, to congregate, and then defend our place against the outsider, the thief, immigrant, stranger, those who are different, until we become used to and adapt our minds to include and expand our social circle.

An open mind allows reality to change and for the truth to be revealed, or a useful lie to block what we are not ready to see, yet.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

Birds from my cycle in Jiaoxi, Taiwan.

Thanks to a fellow blogger’s challenge, after I commented on his blog, in appreciation of some lovely bird photos, check it out here. So here are a few shots.

A juvenile Black-Crowned Night-Heron

A Cattle Egret.

These two are Javan Mynas

and Grey Treepies

Let’s see what other wildlife I can spot in this beautiful part of Taiwan. Thanks for reading, Sam.