Space Oddity

Being a Sci Fi fan it’s only natural that it would feature in some of my art, here I have created a pattern using some of my spaceships, with planets and stars just to help create the scene.

This photo was generated through the website, who host my online printshop, I create the graphics and they provide the printing and shipping (anywhere on the planet it seems), I get 20% of the item price for supplying the artwork.

If you an artist looking for a way to make an income from your work maybe give it a try.

I’ve just started so lets see how things go. I am inspired by having my works on these “ready to go” products, this alone gives me extra motivation and inspiration, I’m looking forward to making more and more great designs including some Christmas themed works very soon, if you have something you would like me to create, let me know, or if you would like to hire me to do a commissioned work, for that special person, please get in touch, thanks for reading, Sam.

Seafaring – Available

I like drawing boats, and related things, these quick ink sketches were done at Hong Kong harbour, during a visa run there last year, tankers a tug and an island, maybe less conventional than your normal subject for art making, which I guess would be sailboats, beaches and seaside towns, which I love, but there is something about the industrial nature of our relationship with the ocean, which is ever present and I admire in some way.

Thanks for reading, Sam.

I have made this design available printed on a variety of products here, please consider supporting my work and take a moment to see if there is anything that attracts your eye, there are ideal gifts for others too.

Bamboo prints – Available

I created a silk screen using bamboo leaves, placed directly on the screen before exposure, which resulted in a perfect bamboo silhouette screen for printing, which I then used to create black prints. I photographed them and used Illustrator CC to add some shapes and variations, what do you think? personally I like the basic natural beauty of the bamboo, plus the white block spaces.

Thanks for looking, Sam